Department Overview

Since 1978, JHI has been constantly expanding in order to meet the growing needs of its many clients. Originally supplying only mechanical engineering services, JHI now includes four separate departments which can provide a full range of engineering services to better serve our clients.

Project Management
Project Managers have one of the most important jobs at JHI. It is their responsibility to maintain an open link between the client and the JHI project team. JHI's reputation, the project's success, and client's satisfaction lies in the hands of the project manager. It is the project manager's job to respond to the client's questions and concerns, to ensure that the product is delivered correctly, completely, and on-time, and keep all sides up-to-speed on the latest developments.
Structural Engineering
Because of our commitment to recruit and maintain the best and most experienced engineering talent, our Structural/Civil Staff has been called upon to handle an exceptional range of engineering projects.

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Mechanical Engineering
Our Mechanical and Process Engineering Staff has experience, skills, and expertise that cover a wide range of industrial projects.

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Electrical Engineering
The Electrical/Instrumentation Department has many diverse capabilities. This Department, in working with Industrial, Commercial, Institutional, and Public Utility Agencies, provides "single source responsibility" for a variety of electrical design and maintenance services. The continuity that exists from concept to design to construction and finally to startup has offered our clients a versatile and complete service that is often in demand.

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