Electrical Engineering
Power Distribution
General Work
  • Power Surveys
  • 480 Volt to 500KV Systems
  • One Line Development
  • Equipment Specifications
  • Overhead and Underground Systems
Motors and Motor Controls
General Work
  • 120 Volt to 15KV Drive Systems
  • Fractional HP to 2300HP Motor Sizes
  • Variable Speed Drives/Controls
Control Systems
General Work
  • Design of New Systems
  • System Upgrades and Expansions
  • System Analysis, Equipment Specifications and Vendor Selection
  • Programmable Logic Control Systems Design and Programming
  • Foxboro, ABB, Bailey Distributed Control Systems
  • Single and Multi-Loop Control Systems, Process Controls
  • Data Collection and Network Interfacing
High Temperature and Vacuum Systems
General Work
  • Crystal Growers and Epitaxial Reactors
Operator Controls
General Work
  • Control Consoles Display
  • Screen Stations
  • Computer Development Centers
  • Production and Lab Documentation Servers
Power Plant Projects
General Work
  • Oil and Gas Fired Power Boilers
  • Flame Safety Systems
Pulp and Paper Mill Projects
Pulp Preparation
  • Automated Stock Blending
  • Effluent, Water Treatment
  • Digester Control Systems
  • Chemical and Additive Metering
Paper Machine (Wet End)
  • Headbox and Steambox Controls
  • Vacuum System Controls
Paper Machine (Dry End)
  • Calendar Stack Controls
  • Controls for Repulpers, Winders and Conveyors
Control Systems
  • Accuray, Measurex, Impact, Devron
  • CD Basis Weight, Moisture, Thermo- Profilers, Color Systems
Chemical Plant Projects
General Work
  • Distillation Systems
  • Carbon Absorber Controls
Food Processing
General Work
  • Raw Product Storage
  • Material Preparation
  • Packaging Feed
  • Storage Transfer