Mechanical Engineering
Pulp and Paper Mill Projects
Stock Preparation
  • Digester Piping Systems
  • Stock Chests, Silos, Agitators, Pulp Transfer and Piping Systems
  • Starch Handling, Biocide and Chemical
  • Stock Washer Equipment
  • Peroxide Bleaching Systems
Paper Machine (Wet End)
  • Cleaning, Screening and Stock Supply Systems Headbox Design and Installation
  • Couch Pit, Mixer/Agitator Design
  • Press Section Equipment and Vacuum Systems
  • Fourdrinier Design and Installation
  • Saveall Systems
Paper Machine (Dry End)
  • Felt Stretcher Design
  • Paper Rolls and Calender Rolls
  • Dryers and Hoods
  • Winders, Slitters, and Roll Transfer Equipment
  • Repulpers, Conveyors, and Trim Systems
Paper Finishing
  • Area Layout and Design
  • Sheeters, Wraplines, and Palletizers
  • Tissue & Towel Rewinder/Folders
  • Product Handling/Packaging
  • Conveying Systems
  • Case Handling/Sortation Systems
  • Unitizing/Palletizers
  • Machine Safety Guarding
Paper Off-Machine
  • Coaters, Extruders
Environmental Improvement Projects
Industrial Water Systems
  • Clarifiers, Thickeners, Oil Separators
  • Chemical Treatment Systems
  • Sludge Pumping and Dewatering Systems
  • Deep Well Pumping and Water Filtration Systems
Industrial Air Systems
  • Baghouses
  • Dust and Fume Control Systems
Steel Mill Projects
General Work
  • Ladle Handling and Transport Equipment
  • Rolling Mill Feed Conveyors
  • Plate Table Drives
  • Plate End Shears
  • Reusable Molds
Power Plant Projects
  • Steam Power Plant Design
  • Pumps, Steam Piping, Heat Exchangers
Steam and Condensate Piping
  • Hotwell Tankage, Deaerators
  • Pipe Stress Analysis
  • Boiler Operation
  • Water and Steam Balance Analysis
Chemical Plant Projects
General Work
  • Distillation Columns, Cooling Towers
  • Mixers, Pumps, Piping, API Tank Farms
  • Carbon Absorbers, Dryers, and Heat Exchangers
  • PCC Plant Facilities
Aluminum Mill Projects
  • Rolling Mills, Shears, Slitters
  • Continuous Casters, Sow Casters
  • Edge Trimmers, Ironing Rolls
  • Tension Levelers
Sawmill Projects
General Work
  • Mill Layout, Equipment Installation
  • Waste Handling and Conveyors
  • Chipping and Sorting Systems