New Paper Machine Installation
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Project Features
  • Complete new paper machine from stock preparation though roll handling
  • Machine consisted of a Voith wet end and a Beloit dry end
  • Machine was rebuilt during initial construction due to non delivery by Beloit of the wet end
Services by JHI
  • All mechanical engineering
  • Part of a team for the civil and electrical engineering
  • On site startup assistance
Project Completion
Startup in Spring 2001
Paper Machine

JHI Engineering provided all mechanical engineering and design for the installation of the new paper machine. We also provided electrical design support and structural engineering for the roll handling system.

The project scope included all equipment required for a new paper machine, including: tile chests, pumps, agitators, steel tanks, vacuum pumps, hood and air system, screens, cleaners, deaerator, piping design, pipe stress analysis, lube oil, hydraulic system, valve sizing and construction support.

Our design team was on site at the mill for the duration of the design and the majority of the construction. The machine was constructed in phases as the design was completed.